Speciality Stores And Alternative Comics, Original Ideas And Innovations

At specialty comic store, collectors can have a wonderful time stopping in on a regular basis to see what new comics have been brought in. Of course, “new” in this context does not always mean newly published. In fact, many of the most exciting finds for those who are passionate about comic books are vintage books published decades ago. The older and rarer these books are, the more excited collectors will be to lay hands on them.Confused? Here ‘s a little Read more »

Counterculture And Drug Culture In Our Comic Books

Comic books, graphic novels and other publications that have begun to approach a full range of more adult-issues have seen a great deal of change over the past few decades. While such publications may have originally been intended only for children and younger readers, they more adult issues and contemporary aspects of society that they are able to explore have made them a substantial resource for adults who are in search of material that covers larger aspects of life. Read more »

Underground Comics: What Are They To The Average Reader?

The mere fact that a comic is underground generally means the average reader is not aware of it. In the modern age of comic book publishing, very little is underground since internet advertising is employed to draw attention to even small, independently published titles. Those without the budget to publish an underground comic can simply create web comics.

This was not always the case. Many years ago, strange comics such as Fritz the Cat and the Fabulously Furry Freak Brothers had an underground following. The number of issues sold was rather limited. In the 1960′s and 1970′s, these books Read more »

Comics Code Authority And The Seduction Of The Innocent

Back in the fifties, comics were just starting to become a major part of American history. They were uniquely crafted stories about topics ranging from horror to crime and mystery. Though no direct target audience was ever sought out, these books typically ended up in the hands of young children. It is likely that their similarity to picture books made them more entertaining, while adults might have felt embarrassed to admit their own interest in the medium of comics. Read more »

Marvel Age Comics, Another Designation For Examination

If you are a huge fan of marvel, capcom, and all other comic book series, knowing where to turn to in order to find the best information, the newest release dates, the best information on your favorite comic heroes, and all information in the world of comics, is essential if you want to keep up with the changes which come about. So, when you are looking for the best places to turn to for information, new characters, and all things comics, you really Read more »

Atomic Age Comics And World War II

History has many important days. The day in 1941 when America entered World War II. Later, in 1945, came the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. That marked the end of World War II and the beginning of the Atomic Age. Keeping America company during these times were comics.
In the late 1930-s Publishers began the shift from reprinting comic strips to original stories. Humor, romance and westerns were just some of the genres they explored. Along with these came the Superheroes. New characters, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Read more »

Stylistic Studies Of Comics Through The Ages

Comics in the U.S. have changed in style over the years. Early books were simply collections of comic strips. Several presses published both original collections of strips and collections of reprints of syndicated strips.

During the “Golden Age,’ which ran from the late 1930s through the 1940s, comic books became self-contained stories rather than collections. They had large print runs, and were purchased in great quantities, but the quality of the art and stories varied widely. In general, superheroes and action ruled the style.

Horror and true crime took over in the late 1940s Read more »

Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Whether you like to go to the theater or you’ve got Direct star tv you’re likely to catch some of these upcoming comic book movies when they come out. We love to see which major stars get cast and if you know anything we don’t, post in the comments below!
Thor: We laughed out loud when we heard this first one but we’ve got to admit Thor sounds like a really great movie experience. Read more »

A Study Of The Copper Age Of Comics

The copper Age of Comics spanned the time period from 1984-1992. Many important events in the comic universe happened during this time period. The start of this age began with an important work by Marvel Comics and ended with an equally important work by DC. The Marvel Comics issue that started it all was Secret Wars and the DC work that marked its end was Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This Age was an exciting time in comics. During it several DC Universe characters were relaunched and updated for a new generation including Superman, Batman, the Read more »

A Look At The Bronze Age Of Comics

To hardcore comic book enthusiasts, the period from 1970-1985 is casually known as the Bronze Age Of Comics. This follows the Silver Age of Comics and is a prelude to the Modern Age of Comics. When the Bronze Age of Comics began, it set a new tone to the comic books of the previous age. Most of the comic books from this period still used the bright and colorful imagery of well known comic book characters only the subject matter changed and became darker and full of real issues that were seen Read more »