Atomic Age Comics And World War II

History has many important days. The day in 1941 when America entered World War II. Later, in 1945, came the day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. That marked the end of World War II and the beginning of the Atomic Age. Keeping America company during these times were comics.
In the late 1930-s Publishers began the shift from reprinting comic strips to original stories. Humor, romance and westerns were just some of the genres they explored. Along with these came the Superheroes. New characters, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Captain America used their powers to keep America safe. During World War II, Superheroes could be found fighting against the Axis powers. It was a classic display of good versus evil.
The end of the war marked the beginning of the Atomic Age. New superheroes appeared whose powers came from the atom, such as The Atomic Thunderbolt. Animals also gained powers including Atomic Rabbit and Atomic Mouse. While entertaining their readers, Superheroes could also help them understand the Atomic Age.
In the 1950-s, television came along and comics were not as popular as before. Some characters faded away and others continue to this day.

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