Proto Comic Books And The Platinum Age

Proto Comic Books and The Platinum Age viewed as art with the collecting of uniquely displayed drawing in hard book form. Was the purpose of collecting these artistic treasures in one place, to keep them for future generations or to develop them into a finer art? People have always turned a serious situation into something whimsical or into a something they could mentally absorb. This is Comic books in the Platinum Age; manageable characters that became larger than reality but controlled by its mental creator to do bad or good, to become Victor or Villain in the Comics. Confused? Here’s a little help .

Comic books have an entertainment quality that has moved throughout the decades, moving from generation to generation, hopping from the book pages to the big screen to video, and DVD, the age of Superman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman. How many people do not know about Comic Books? In the beginning much of the advertising was word of mouth, moving from person to person with the speed of imagination, and clinging to the American culture like white to rice.

Proto Comic Books and The Platinum Age preceded all other Comic books and their designs. This was the beginning of great adventures, fearless heroes, Damsels in distress and Arched Villains. Comic books, the replacement reading for classic novels at bedtime with flashlight in hand; a place where mindless adventurers dwelled only to enter reality and become some of the more advanced minds of the world today. Inventors of computers, cell phones, digital diving watches that glow in the dark and give the time for any country in the world; all imagined by Comic Books. People are presently trying to climb skyscrapers and soon the sky may become the newest highway, all because of the imagination of people reading Comic books; a media that dares to think, I can accomplish anything.